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Hi, Folks :D

I've been not much active lately duo many responsibilities and obligations I had this year, since it is end of highschool and etc, but I did well in all my tests, next year I'll join a very good college and it is holidays now, so...I'm Back :)

But now I'm here to ask you all if you could do me a very big favor. I was invited to participate in a fanfic contest :la:
I've recieved an email some time ago telling me about it. Basically, it is a contest to find the best fanfic novels that have At Least 40000 words written. Well, those who know me and "Adventures of Liu Zhang" know that I kinda like to write a lot, so that's not a problem for me kkkkkkk xD .
Link for episode 1:…

The thing it that...I need your help. I searched many times, and there are only 2 Kung Fu Panda fanfics there. Actually, there aren't many DreamWorks' fanfics there either. I'd really appreciate if you guys could help supporting me there, since I'm kinda representing Kung Fu Panda lovers there, and I have no faves nor comments (reviews) so far.
Here is the link to my profile there and my fanfic series:

Thank You Very Much, Folks :D
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December 5, 2015


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